Monthly Archives: March 2017

Jr. Bar Association

Because the weather is to turn stormy tonight, I prefer you be where it is safest.  If you, as a group, choose to come on to the meeting, I will be at the office.  If you choose not to meet tonight you MUST meet Thursday after school.  I cannot stay after 5:00 the rest of this week.  You have to take care of fundraising this week.  Your letter needs to be mailed this week and an event within the next two weeks.  Decisions on the Bill you chose will be made before the end of April, time to meet Legislators is running out.

New Community Service Location

We have secured a new community service location in Clay County.  The Clay County Animal Shelter located in Henrietta.  I know the first thing you are going to say, “I don’t want to drive to Henrietta!” You are correct, however, they do adoption events in Wichita Falls at PetSmart and PetCo.  But if you live in Clay County this will be easier to get to and should help with completing community service hours.

Thermal Thursdays are Back

Thermal Thursdays are back at the MPEC.

What does this mean?  It means every Thursday at the MPEC they will be preparing for the Hotter than Hell 100.  They will need people to help set up at 5:30 PM and should be done by 8:30 PM.

And it’s DOUBLE CREDIT!!!!  For more information contact

John Ater 940-716-8575

Scott Hutchins is the Point of Contact for the event.

Meet on the Corner of Burnett and 5th, across from Wichita Manor.