Junior Bar

Wichita County Junior Bar Assocation

Benefits to the Community

  • Youthful offenders are given the opportunity to develop an understanding that they are responsible for their own actions and may be held accountable. 
  • Teen Court provides a cost effective way and successful means for youth to satisfy minor juvenile offenses.
  • Volunteers in the program develop an understanding and respect for the law as well as it’s applications.
  • Volunteers in the Wichita County Teen Court are great role models for their peers.

Wichita County Teen Court Coordinators

Myra Ann Weeks, Coordinator
John Ater, Assistant Coordinator

Teen Court is located in the Wichita County Courthouse

Wichita County Annex Bldg.
600 Scott Street
Suite 201 (Second Floor)
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
Telephone: (940) 716-8575
Facsimile: (940) 716-8698