Welcome to the area’s premier location for Restorative Juvenile Justice.

Teen Court is administered through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls, but we are independently funded.

Teen Court Brochure  this details the step by step process.

If you have already set an appointment with Isabella Crone and wish to complete some paperwork prior to arriving then click Intake Interview Worksheet 


How does Teen Court work?

Any youth who receives a “Class C Misdemeanor” citation, and has not participated in any Teen Court Programs in the last year are eligible. Examples of citations are Disruption of Class, Minor Traffic Offenses, Violation of Curfew, and Minor in Possession of Alcohol, are just a few of the offenses we address. Youth who choose Teen Court participate in a sentencing trial conducted before a jury of other teenagers who have chosen Teen Court.

Teen Court does not decide innocence or guilt. All youth MUST plead guilty or no contest prior to appearing in Teen Court.

In the event a youth who is “sentenced” in Teen Court does not complete their requirements, the youth is referred back to the court where they first appeared and the original fine is imposed. Teen Court is a pass or fail program.

The youth will have to complete a number of Community Service hours and Jury Duties.  Jury Duties are Mandatory and are on Tuesday evenings.

How is Teen Court Funded?

Although Teen Court is administered by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls our funding is independent of our parent organization and we rely on help from the community. If you wish to contribute or require more information please contact our office at 940-716-8575.

Donations may be sent to the follow address.
Wichita County Annex Bldg.
600 Scott St.
2nd Floor Suite 201
Wichita Falls, TX. 76301

Or through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls donation page by clicking on the donate now.  Please make sure you select “Teen Court” from the drop down box.